Complete 6 web challenges with source code in 6 hours. I ended up winning this CTF and finding an unintended solution in one of the challenges.

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#6 Sign Here!

This Web + Mobile required reverse engineering an APK file and its React Native Hermes bytecode to find an HMAC signing key that it uses to communicate with the web server.

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WebSQL InjectionXSSSSRFRCEFilter Bypass

#5 Payloadception

This crazy challenge required you to write a single payload that exploits 6 vulnerabilities at the same time while being restricted to only 137 characters. We learn not only about a few simple vulnerabilities but also clever tricks to optimize their length.

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#4 Sensitive Flags

Bypass an authorization check in JavaScript in an unintended way by abusing prototype properties that exist on every object.

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WebXSSFilter Bypass

#3 Hack the Menu

Perform Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) while bypassing a "javascript" filter by inserting special characters that the browser ignores.

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WebSSRFFilter Bypass

#2 Augustus Gloop's Secret

Bypass authentication on a custom proxy by confusing the check while fetching an otherwise authenticated endpoint.

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WebSQL Injection

#1 Login as an Admin

Perform a SQL Injection attack using 'UNION SELECT' to leak an administrators password.