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ScanningGame HackingCryptoReversing

Part 2: The New LiveOverflow Minecraft Hacking Server

Part 2 of the LiveOverflow Minecraft Server series. Search for the new server, crack base coordinates from bedrock formations, and teleport through walls!

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A hard web challenge where we attack a back-end Redis server through SSRF to deserialize our payload getting Remote Code Execution

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Interstellar C2

Investigate malware from a packet capture to reverse engineer a Command & Control (C2) server program, and decrypt messages including the final screenshot. One of my biggest writeups yet

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ScanningScriptingGame Hacking

Playing on the LiveOverflow Minecraft Hacking Server

Finding, and then Playing and learning Game Hacking on a Minecraft server made by LiveOverflow's "Minecraft HACKED" series on YouTube. Learn about port scanning quickly, Fabric modding, and general Game Hacking