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ScanningScriptingGame Hacking

Playing on the LiveOverflow Minecraft Hacking Server

Finding, and then Playing and learning Game Hacking on a Minecraft server made by LiveOverflow's "Minecraft HACKED" series on YouTube. Learn about port scanning quickly, Fabric modding, and general Game Hacking

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Happy Birthday

A crypto challenge where the goal was to create two strings, that when hashed, have the same 12 hex characters at the start. Use the Birthday Paradox to do this efficiently, with optimized code in Rust

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WebSQL InjectionXSSEncoding

Intigriti July XSS Challenge (0722)

A Cross-Site Scripting challenge where you need to do 2 nested SQL Injections to finally place your payload, and bypass CSP using

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Stop the Heist

A medium 3 part challenge, finding traces of an attack. Explore a Windows filesystem and network capture to find every step and flags along the way