Cyber Apocalypse 2023: The Cursed Mission by HackTheBox. A CTF full of unique and interesting challenges of the utmost quality

WebSSRFRCE +300 points


A hard web challenge where we attack a back-end Redis server through SSRF to deserialize our payload getting Remote Code Execution

ForensicsReversingCryptoEncoding +325 points

Interstellar C2

Investigate malware from a packet capture to reverse engineer a Command & Control (C2) server program, and decrypt messages including the final screenshot. One of my biggest writeups yet

HardwareReversingScripting +300 points

Secret Code

Reverse engineer a hardware circuit to decode recorded signals. Read the flag from a 7-segment display at the end

MiscellaneousRCE +300 points


An easy YAML deserialization challenge to get Remote Code Execution when loading a config

ReversingScripting +300 points

Cave System

A reversing challenge that would be a nightmare to do manually, but can be solved within minutes using Angr