Stories and writeups about real-world Hacking from my experience, and guides/tutorials on techniques to learn from. When I find something interesting worth sharing I'll make a post here to tell the story, or when I feel a topic was hard to understand I try to make a clear explanation in a post.

Intigriti XSS Challenge

A collection of all monthly Intigriti XSS challenges that I made writeups of. Learn a lot about Web and Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities

ScanningScriptingGame Hacking

Playing on the LiveOverflow Minecraft Hacking Server

Finding, and then Playing and learning Game Hacking on a Minecraft server made by LiveOverflow's "Minecraft HACKED" series on YouTube. Learn about port scanning quickly, Fabric modding, and general Game Hacking

RCEFilter BypassScripting

Getting RCE on a Brute Forcing Assignment

The story and walkthrough of how I got Remote Code Execution on a school assignment meant to teach Brute Forcing


Introduction to Reverse Engineering (with Ghidra)

A very basic introduction to Reverse Engineering using Ghidra. Contains looking at strings, decompiling to C code, and patching instructions.